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Michael and Jennifer

Michael and Jennifer

Michael and Jennifer are a busy couple in their late 40s with two kids in middle school.  Jennifer is a successful corporate executive and Michael is senior manager considering turning his current “side-hustle” into full-time consulting business.

Their Story

Key Concerns:

As a dual-income, mid-career power couple, Michael and Jennifer are smart, hard-working and busy professionals.

Jennifer is a sales executive at a Fortune 500 healthcare services firm. She has successfully managed the family’s balance sheet on her own for years. She has made several smart financial and career moves, and she feels they are relatively financially secure. However, the demands on her time from family obligations and increasing work responsibilities has made focusing on financial planning for the future feel overwhelming.

Michael is a talented senior manager in a privately owned engineering and construction firm. He has deep domain expertise and is frequently sought out for additional ad-hoc consulting opportunities.Jack wants to evaluate the financial implications of a transition to being a full-time self-employed consultant with a more flexible schedule, especially given the acceleration of Jennifer’s career opportunities.

While this couple does not feel stressed about their expenses, they have no idea where their money is going each month. They're not sure they're saving in the right type types of accounts. They're not 100% confident their net worth is where it should be. The increasing complexity of the family’s income sources has created unexpected stress in their marriage about which strategies make the best sense and whether the time is right for Michael to leave his job. Additionally, they want to start planning to send their middle school age kids to college.

Michael and Jennifer want a trusted advisor that can help optimize their wealth and provide better clarity on their financial future.

How Truman Wealth Helps

At Truman Wealth Advisors, we help busy executives like Michael and Jennifer compound both their money and their knowledge about their money. We help successful people navigate the big risks and the big opportunities on the journey to discover what true wealth means for their family.

For Jennifer, working with a boutique practice like Truman Wealth has been refreshing. It’s night and day compared to the continuous sales pitches and product-focused conversations she’d had with several larger firms. She doesn’t feel like she must stay on top of every economic indicator or tax law change. She is grateful to get frequent communication, insight, and input on her financial situation when an unexpected curve ball arises, which often happens in this phase of life.

Michael has found that Truman Wealth’s thoughtful process emphasizes an on-going, consultative approach that is not much different than what he does for his clients. He is grateful that he has support and advice on the best ways for him to both invest the money he has earned, and also plan financially for an major upcoming career transition.

Most of all, Michael and Jennifer have recognized the value of getting professional money and investment help from someone with the best interest of their family in mind. It has lifted a source of stress from their marriage and made them recognize they don’t have to “figure it all out” on their own.

With Truman Wealth Advisors, you don’t just get a financial advisor—you get a partner who’s committed to helping your family reach its goals.

For privacy reasons, the case study described above is hypothetical and the facts do not apply to an actual Truman Wealth client. This planning case study should in no way be construed as a guarantee that a current or prospective client will experience similar results or levels of satisfaction if he or she engages with Truman Wealth for wealth management services. Every client experience will differ. Future results cannot be guaranteed.