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Leading a venture capitalist and her family through life changes



Lisa is 55 and a partner at a boutique Venture Capital firm.  James, her husband of 25 years, recently passed away.  Lisa wants to explore her options for taking a sabbatical to spend time with family and to re-think the next phase of her career.

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Key Concerns:

Lisa works in a competitive and dynamic industry.  She was a successful investment banker prior to becoming a partner in a healthcare focused venture capital fund .  She has made many sacrifices in her personal life, and her husband's battle with cancer shook her to the core.   She’s still grieving this devastating loss and considering taking a leave of absence.  She wants to understand the long term economic implications of this decision.  

While Lisa is an expert in buying and selling healthcare firms, she has spent little time crafting an overarching strategy and approach for her personal investments. Her twin daughters are graduating college, and she is considering moving to be closer to them.. Lisa has also contemplated starting her own venture fund, but worries that this 'mid-life edit' will throw her off track financially. 

With so much at stake, Lisa is searching for a firm that will approach her with empathy and patience as she faces an uncertain future.

How Truman Wealth Helps:

At Truman Wealth Advisors, we help people who work in the investment field.  They may have significant resources, but don't focus time or attention on their own financial planning needs.  They may require specialized strategies or complex tax planning due to their multiple income sources and complex investments. 

Or like Lisa, they are facing a titanic shift in their life and want an understanding and guidance through a major life change.  

Lisa greatly appreciates working with advisors at Truman Wealth, who have experience in the nuances of private investment funds and understand her unique compensation structure.  She values how the team took time to understand all the facts of her situation, and it reminded her of the way she conducts due diligence on a potential acquisition target.

Truman Wealth's thoughtful approach to her investment portfolio stood out to her since she is an investor herself.  The team's willingness to help educate her daughters on the steps to take to secure their own financial future has given her peace of mind that they will start their lives and careers with more options than she had at their age.

Most of all, Lisa loved the detailed scenario planning Truman Wealth provided to help her quantify the impact of the major moves she was considering.

With Truman Wealth Advisors, financial planning is about more than just goal-setting and investment advice — it’s about comprehensive wealth management. 

For privacy reasons, the case study described above is hypothetical and the facts do not apply to an actual Truman Wealth client. This planning case study should in no way be construed as a guarantee that a current or prospective client will experience similar results or levels of satisfaction if he or she engages with Truman Wealth for wealth management services. Every client experience will differ. Future results cannot be guaranteed.