Modern Elders

Guiding a family steward to a more meaningful connection with her wealth



With the right amount of savvy and a ton of hard work, 60 year old Melissa has taken her multi-generational family business from a modest design company to a lucrative home remodeling operation with annual revenue in the tens of millions. 

Her Story

Key Concerns:

Coming from a middle-class background, Melissa never imagined growing the family business to this level. A competitor has offered to buy the business and she is ready to sell.  As she exits her role as CEO, a top priority for her is the potential lasting impact she can have above and beyond providing financially for her family.

In addition to providing stable wealth for the next several generations, Melissa wants to make a lasting impact on her city.   Her deep ties in the community are part of what made her successful. Melissa’s parents taught her the importance of giving back to your neighbors. She wants to find the best charitable vehicle to pass on her small town values.

Melissa is excited to stay engaged in the broader business ecosystem as a coach and mentor as she transitions away from her daily operational role. She believes investing her time and resources in women-owned start-ups would be an impactful use of her hard-earned business wisdom.

To make this vision a reality, Melissa wants a collaborative partner who can guide her on a path to greater meaning with her money.

How Truman Wealth Helps:

At Truman Wealth Advisors, we help people in midlife or older who are as curious as they are wise.  They are ready to share the wisdom they have gleaned through decades of experience in life and work and looking for a ‘re-wirement’ of their lives and purpose.  

Melissa was looking for new ways to flourish.  The sale of her business presented an opportunity to re-imagine the role wealth might play in her life.  She appreciated how skillfully Truman Wealth coordinated the details of her charitable giving strategy with her attorney and accountant, allowing her to focus her energy on the purpose and values of her new private foundation. 

Since she knew trust and communication would be essential for a successful family wealth transfer, Melissa was thrilled when Truman Wealth hosted a family meeting to outline details of the education and income plan for her children.

Truman Wealth's hands on approach allowed Melissa to focus on her time and attention on her passion of investing in other women owned enterprises.  She now serves others in the community from her personal essence — from her soul — rather than in pursuit of profit or achievement.

As an experienced team of fiduciaries, Truman Wealth Advisors works to solve your distinct portfolio management, family governance, sustainability, and legacy planning challenges.

For privacy reasons, the case study described above is hypothetical and the facts do not apply to an actual Truman Wealth client. This planning case study should in no way be construed as a guarantee that a current or prospective client will experience similar results or levels of satisfaction if he or she engages with Truman Wealth for wealth management services. Every client experience will differ. Future results cannot be guaranteed.